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Leadership Team

Long Ping is the current president and general manger of Baocheng. He is in charge of the general operations of the company, and undertakes to make development strategies and medium- and long-term development plans, carry out reform, restructuring, and project coordination.

Li Hongyin, party secretary and deputy general manager of Baocheng, assists our president in managing operation, employee performance, product quality and integrated company information. Mr. Li is also in charge of the entire management team.

Song Yao, deputy party secretary, secretary of the commission for discipline inspection, and chairman of the science committee, helps Mr. Long take care of our scientific research and development work, manage confidential information and business cooperation.

Zhao Shaomin, deputy general manger of Baocheng, assists Mr. Long in making plans, carrying out construction, organizing reform and restructuring, and improving process technology. Other tasks falling on his shoulders include protecting environment, saving energy, minimizing waste, and carrying out 6S management.

Dong Huichang, chief account of Baocheng, assists Mr. Long in managing our finance, assets, imports, exports, internal operations, external businesses, and other related works.

Chen Leijiang, chief engineer of Baocheng, assists Mr. Long in coordinating design, development, engineering, marketing, and after-sales service works. It also falls to him to commercialize scientific research results.

Research and Development Team
Engineering Department

We've built a flight simulation environment for performance monitoring. By simulating the actual flight environment, inspectors can test whether a product meets related standards for functionality and performance.

Technical seminar, where we discuss the application of our new instrument.

Technicians focusing on their technical drawing.

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