Our Commitment to Quality
Baocheng quality management system is certified to AS9100C and ISO9001:2008 standards. By involving ourselves in every step of the production process, including heat treatment, quality inspection, and finished product testing, we are able to control quality of our flight instruments using CNC machining equipment and testing facility.

Built to TSO standards, Baocheng aircraft instruments are closely inspected every step of the way from sourcing raw material through components manufacturing to assembly and inspection, to ensure excellent performance and reliability.

Each and very magnetic compass comes with a 1.5-year quality warranty, while our gyroscopic instrument is provided with a 2-year quality guarantee. Product inspection, commissioning and repair are free of charge within the warranty period.

Customer Support
1. We invite potential customers to visit our factory before they make a purchase and provide samples for approval after they confirm the order.
2. We answer to customer's questions, provide free-of-charge spare parts and guide them through the installation.
3. Free-of-charge operator training is available. We keep operators informed of product specs and where and how to use our products.
4. Any question raised by our clients will be answered quickly via e-mail during a sale.
5. Problem products will be fixed free of charge within warranty period. In your 2nd to 10th year of use, we will charge customers a little bit for parts replacement work and service we provide.

Baocheng Group
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