Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long are your lead times?
Normally speaking, it would take one month to complete one order.

2. What types of transport available to us?
Goods ship by air, sea, or railway. Customers can specify the type of transport used to deliver their order. Shipping costs depend on the transport mode they've chosen.

3. Tell me about your product quality and warranty.
Baocheng flight instrument is built in-house using military grade processes. Before delivery, quality auditors from Aviation Industry Corporation of China come to our factory for final quality inspection. Magnetic compass is warranted for 1.5 years; air-driven gyro instruments, 2 years.

Customers can return problem products to us within warranty period if they are able to provide written documents proving that the problem is due to manufacturing fault. Once we confirmed the proof, we'll compensate customers for their loss. For defunct flight instruments beyond warranty period, we may charge customers a little bit for the service and replacement parts we provide.

4. How will you pack my order?
Flight instruments will be packed into a plastic box that has been buffered with calcium carbonate to neutralize acids that can cause yellowing. The package keeps out humidity and dampens vibration during transfer.

5. What are the advantages of your flight instruments over competitive products?
1. Easy to operate 2. Durable 3. Available with technical assistance throughout the lifecycle 5. Easy to set up and take apart with limited repair costs 5. Lightweight, highly responsive

6. How do I know before each use if your heading indicator or attitude indicator works properly?
1. Plug in the instrument and the light of warning flag on the instrument glass should go out automatically.
2. Push the hand lever (that controls the pre-set heading) into position and rotate it. The needle inside on the dial should rotate as well.
3. When a plane changes its heading, the dial should rotate along with it.

7. Can your flight instrument be installed on any type of light-duty aircraft?
Sure. Baocheng flight instrument is built for use on any light-duty plane. For a specific instrument size, navigate to Downloads on our website.

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