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Turn and Slip Indicator

, CHY-1
  • Turn and slip indicator CHY-1
  • A side view of turn and slip indicator CHY-1

Features and Advantages
1. Baocheng turn and slip indicator CHY-1 is a specialized gyro instrument that shows the rate of turn during flight, allowing pilots to maintain a wings-level attitude.
2. This turn indicator is lightweight of no more than 36g, takes up very small space in the aircraft dashboard, and is very easy to operate.
3. Provides an easy fit into the dashboard
4. Military-grade materials and processes ensure reliable quality.
5. Reliable quality, integrated after-sales service, and high price-performance ratio are further enhanced by more than 30 years experience in oversea factory-direct sales. Customers can buy any of our turn and slip indicator with confidence.

Turn and Bank Indicator Specs
Parts Glass tube, housing, etc.
Quality Warranty 1.5 years
Dimensions 47.3 ×47.3 ×30mm
Weight ≤36g

Working Conditions
1. Working temperature: -50~70℃
2. Relative humidity: no more than 85%
3. Installation: at a level surface

Performance Index
1. Reading error: no more than 1.5° if the ball's center sits within the range of 5mm on either the left or right side of the central tick mark. No more than 2.5° if the ball's center sits beyond the said range.
2. Flying height: 10000m

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