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Turn Coordinator

, BZW-4B
  • Turn coordinator BZW-4B
  • A side view of turn coordinator BZW-4B

Baocheng BZW-4B turn coordinator helps pilots maintain coordinated flight with zero sideslip. The instrument displays the direction and rate of a turn your pilot is making, based on which you can adjust the plane's movements.

Simple setup, high price-performance ratio, and relatively low cost make this aircraft instrument a top choice for many aircraft manufacturers and gyro instrument agents. Electrical connectors as pictured below can be provided upon your request.

  • BZW-4B Electrical Connector

Features and Advantages
1. Turn coordinator BZW-4B is typically used to measure the amount the sideslip when a plane makes an in-flight turn. This allows pilots to control the plane's movement around the pitch, roll and yaw axes, thereby achieving zero sideslip in flight.
2. The gyro allows only two degrees of rotational freedom. As the gyro rotates, the miniature aircraft in the turn coordinator displays the accurate rate and direction of a turn made by an airplane during flight.
3. This flight instrument proves to be an easy, seamless fit into any cockpit dashboard.
4. Damping grease is added to the pillow block so the needle can stop swinging around and stabilize quickly to display accurate turn-related data.
5. After more than 3 decades of continuous research and improvement, we now can ensure the quality of the aircraft instrument we made.
6. Military-grade materials and processes ensure reliable quality.
7. Each flight instrument comes with a 1.5-year quality warranty.  

Parts Gyro with 2 degrees of rotational freedom, pillow block, inclinometer, glass tube, housing
Quality warranty period 1.5 years
Dimensions 83 × 83 × 101.5mm, face diameter: 79mm .
Weight ≤ 500g
Note Electrical connectors are available.

Working Conditions
1. Working temperature: -20~+55℃
2. Environmental temperature: 25±5 C
3. Power supply: DC 28±2V Working current≤0.35A

Performance Index
1. Sensitivity limit: When angular velocity approaches 18(0)/min, the needle should show signs of movement.
2. Zero position error: 0±0.4mm
3. Reading error: When angular velocity approaches 180 (0)/min, reading error should hover around 7.9±1.6mm
4. Reset error: 0±0.4mm
5. Oscillation time: 2~4s
6. Flying height: 0~4.2km
7. Flying speed: 0~389km/h

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