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Attitude Indicator (Electrically Driven)

    1. Attitude Indicator, GH025 / GH025C / GH025Y / GH025YC

      There are essentially two purposes the attitude indicator can serve, measuring the fore and aft tilt as well as side-to-side tilt of an airplane. With startup time no more than 3 minutes, the gyro horizon delivers excellent performance.

    1. Attitude Indicator, GH-45Made using military grade materials and processes, the gyro horizon is built to HB6167-1989 standards and comes with a 2-year quality warranty.

Baocheng is a competitive manufacturer of navigational instruments for civilian airplanes. With more than 30 years of experience in the production of electrically driven attitude indicator, we can be sure of the quality of the product we sell.

The attitude indicator is called by a lot of names, such as gyro horizon and attitude director indicator. This flight instrument is typically used to measure the pitch and bank of the plane pilots are flying, and has been successfully applied to the famous Chinese LE500 light utility aircraft.

  • LE500 Light Utility Aircraft
  • LE500 Aircraft Instrument Panel

Features and Advantages
1. Self-locking device returns the gyro to zero position and locks it in place for reliability in navigation.
2. Warning flag alerts pilots to power outage.
3. Aircraft grade aluminum construction is rigid but lightweight.
4. Enables an easy, seamless fit into the instrument panel.
5. Symbolic aircraft clearly shows the direction the plane is heading. Lights are added to the indicator for assistance in navigation at night.
6. Various aircraft attitude indicator models are available for choice.