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Attitude Indicator

, GH45
  • GH-45 (face)
  • GH-45 (side)
Attitude Indicator Specs
Parts Power converter, gyro motor, bezel, dial, lighting, warning indicator, lever
Material Aircraft grade aluminum
Warranty period 2 years
Dimensions 83.5×87.35×206mm
Weight 1600g
Accessories 3 screws, 1 plug, 1 tail accessory

Features and Advantages
1. GH45 attitude indicator is typically installed on small civilian airplanes to measure the pitch and bank of the plane.
2. The famous Chinese LE500 airplane is constructed using our GH45 attitude indicator. This feat of engineering has also led to one of our most valued certificates.
3. Made using military grade materials and processes, the gyro horizon is built to HB6167-1989 standards and comes with a 2-year quality warranty.
4. Electrical connectors are available upon request.

Working Conditions
1. Environmental temperature: -15℃~55℃
2. Flying height: 4200m
3. Power supply: DC 28.5+1.5-3.5V
4. Installation: Held level, perpendicular to the instrument panel

Performance Index
1. Startup time: no more than 3 minutes
2. Startup current: no more than 1.5A
3. Working current: nor more than 1A after 6 minutes
4. Tilt range: side-to-side tilt angle, 360°; fore and aft tilt angle, ±80°
5. Reference mark for fore and aft angle: adjustable no less than ±5°
6. Reading error: no more than ±1° under normal conditions; no more than ±2° under environmental testing conditions
7. Vertical error: no more ±1°
8. Warning: The warning flag turns on when the attitude gyro is locked or the actual voltage is 80% of rated voltage, which comes to 22.8V±1V. The flag turns off when in normal operating conditions.
9. Insulation resistance: no less than 20MΩ

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