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Attitude Indicator

, GH025/GH025C/GH025Y/GH025YC

The GH025/GH025C/GH025Y/GH025YC attitude indicator is constructed in line with TSO-C4c standards, suitable for use on small civilian airplanes. There are essentially two purposes the attitude indicator can serve, measuring the fore and aft tilt as well as side-to-side tilt of an airplane. With startup time no more than 3 minutes, the gyro horizon delivers excellent performance.

Measurable side-to-side tilt range: 360°
Measurable fore and aft tilt range: ±80°, with adjustable reference mark no less than ±5°

  • GH025(face)
  • GH025 (side)
  • GH025 (back)

Features and Advantages
1. Baocheng attitude director indicator is made using military grade materials and processes.
2. With more than 30 years of experience in export sales, we know how to deliver peace of mind to international attitude indicator buyers with factory-direct services. Each artificial horizontal comes with a 2-year quality warranty.
3. Gyro horizon can be printed either red or white according to individual liking.
4. Electrical connector is available for ease of use.

Artificial Horizon Specs
Parts Power inverter, gyro motor, bezel, dial, lighting, warning indicator, lever
Material Aircraft grade aluminum
Warranty Period 2 years
Dimensions 83.5 × 87.35 × 194mm
Weight 1500g
Accessories 6 screws

Working Conditions
1. Environmental temperature: -30℃~50℃
2. Relative humidity: no more than 95%
3. Flying height: no more than 12000m
4. Power supply: DC14V±1.4V
5. Installation: held level, perpendicular to the instrument panel

Performance Index
1. Startup time: no more than 3 minutes
2. Working current: no more than 0.8A
3. Gyro lock error: no more than ±2°
4. Reading error: no more than ±2° under normal conditions; no more than ±4° under testing conditions
5. Reset error: no more than ±3°
6. Vertical error: no more than ±1.5°
7. Warning: The warning flag turns on when the attitude gyro is locked or the actual voltage is 80% of rated voltage. The flag turns off when in normal operating conditions.
8. Insulation resistance: no more than 20MQ under normal conditions

1. Symbolic airplane and reference marks can be printed yellow. Model no.: GH025Y. Other specs are the same to those of GH025.

  • GH025Y/GH025YC

2. Both GH025Y and GH025YC attitude indicators can come with electrical connectors as pictured below.

  • GH025C and GH025YC electrical connector
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