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Heading Indicator

, GD43

Built to HB6167-1989 standards, GD43 heading indicator has been successfully used on the famous Chinese LE500 light utility aircraft. This feat of engineering draws high praise from customers and has also led to one of our most valued certificates.

  • GD023 (Face)
  • GD-43 (Side)

GD43 heading indicator is the result of more than 20 years of continuous efforts in product research, development and improvement. Because of its excellent stability in navigation, many customers choose GD43 direction indicator for their small, light-duty airplanes.

A 3-year quality warranty, plus integrated factory-direct service, delivers peace of mind for directional gyro buyers. Bulk purchase saves you shipping costs. This directional indicator comes with a connector, so there is no need to buy that separately in your local market.

Heading Indicator Specs
Parts Power converter, gyro motor, bezel, dial, symbolic plane, lighting, reference mark, warning indicator, deviation correction system
Material Aircraft grade aluminum ensures high strength.
Dimensions 85.6×85.6× 197.8mm
Weight 1700g
Accessories 3 screws, 1 plug
Note Available with lighting

Working Conditions
1. Environmental temperature: -15℃~55℃
2. Relative humidity: no more than 85%
3. Flying height: 4200m
4. Power supply: DC 28.5+1.5-3.5V

Performance Index
1. Startup time: no more than 3min
2. Startup voltage: 22.8±2V
3. Working current: no more than 0.9A
4. Gyro error due to drift: no more than ±4°∕10min in any direction under normal conditions; no more than ±5°∕10min under environmental testing conditions.
5. Directional stability: no more than ±2°
6. Insulation resistance: no more than 20MΩ under normal conditions

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