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Heading Indicator

, GD023/GD023C/GD023R/GD023RC
  • GD023 (Face)
  • GD023 (Back)
  • GD023 (Side)

Features and Advantages
1. Constructed in line with TSO-C5d standards, the electrically driven heading indicator comes with a 2-year quality warranty, suitable for use on small civilian airplanes and other utility aircrafts.
2. Measures accurately the direction of the airplane.
3. Parts that make up a heading indicator include the power inverter, gyro motor, bezel, dial, and lights. Aircraft grade aluminum construction is sturdy, lightweight. Screws are available for easy installation.
4. Symbolic airplane on instrument glass can be printed either red or white.
5. A specialized connector can be added to reduce the cost that otherwise would be spent in buying a separate one from local workshops.
6. Various models are available for choice, including GD023/GD023C/GD023R/GD023RC.

Heading Indicator Specs
Parts Power inverter, gyro motor, bezel, dial, and lights
Construction Aircraft grade aluminum
Quality warranty period 2 years
Dimension 85.6×85.6× 197.8mm
Weight 1500g
Accessories 3 screws

Working Conditions
1. Environmental temperature: -15℃~55℃
2. Relative humidity: no more than 85%
3. Flying height: 4600m
4. Power supply: DC14V±1.4V
5. Installation: Held level, but perpendicular to the instrument panel.

Performance Index
1. Startup time: no more than 5 minutes
2. Startup voltage: DC11.2V±1.1V
3. Working current: no more than 1.1A
4. Gyro error due to drift: no more than ±4°∕10min in any direction under normal conditions; no more than ±5°∕10min under environmental testing conditions.
5. Directional stability: no more than ±2°
6. Insulation resistance: no more than 20MΩ under normal conditions
7. Warning flag alerts pilots to power outage. It turns off automatically when the electricity comes back.

1. Symbolic airplane and reference mark can be printed orange for GD023R electrically driven heading indicator. Other specs are identical those of GD023.

  • Orange Color Electrically Driven Heading Indicator

2. Model GD023C and GD023RC heading indicators can come with connectors as pictured below.

  • Connector for GD023C and GD023RC
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