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Attitude Indicator (Air Driven)

, GH030/GH030R/GH030RA

To many pilots, an attitude indicator ranks high on the list of essential flight instruments. This gyro instrument is called a lot of names, including gyro horizon, artificial horizon and more.

  • GH030 (Face)
  • GH030 (Side)

Features and Advantages
1. Designed especially for use on small civilian planes, the air driven attitude indicator measures accurately the pitch angle and the bank angle.
2. Made of aircraft grade aluminum, this attitude director indicator is light but sturdy and features a space-saving design for easy fit into the cockpit instrument panel.
3. A simple, clear dial allows pilots to easily read the attitude of the plane. Self-locking device ensures reliability of the gyro horizon.
4. Built in line with TSO-C4c standards using military grade materials and processes, the attitude director delivers the best in quality.
5. After more than 30 years of continuous improvement, we can make sure our attitude indicator is of high quality.
6. Each air driven attitude indicator comes with 2-year quality warranty. Integrated after-sales service delivers peace of mind for customers.
7. Baocheng is a trusted partner for light-duty plane manufacturers, aircraft clubs, and international flight instrument agents.
8. The symbolic aircraft on the instrument glass can be printed either red or white. An 8-degree back tilt instrument is available to accommodate the tilt of aircraft instrument panel.

Specs of Attitude Indicator
Parts Transmission, bezel, gyro rotor
Main material Aircraft grade aluminum
Dimensions 83.5×83.5×152.4mm
Weight 950g
Accessories 4 screws

Operating Conditions
1. Environmental temperature: -30~50℃
2. Relative humidity: 30%~85%
3. Flying height: 7600m
4. Working pressure: 15~18kPa
5. Vibration resistance: no more than 1.5g
6. Installation: Level with respect to the horizontal

Performance Index
1. Startup time: no more than 3min
2. Startup pressure: no more than 7kPa
3. Air consumption: no more than 1~1.5m3∕h
4. Gyro error: no more than ±1°
5. Vertical error: no more than ±1°
6. Working range: maximum tilt angle measured is 360°; maximum bank angle measured is ±80°
7. Reference marks for fore and aft tilt: Adjustable via a knob no less than ±5°

1. Marks and aircraft symbols on the instrument glass can be printed orange. Model no.: GH030R. Dimension: 83.5×83.5×174 mm. Weight: 1000g. The rest of specs are identical to those of GH030.
2. The 8 degree back tilt attitude indicator is 83.5 by 83.5 by 174 mm in dimension, and weighs 1000g. Working range: maximum tilt angle measured is 360°; measurable bank angle range is from -80° to 70°. Other specs are identical to those of GH030.

  • GH030R/GH030RA (Face)
  • GH030R/GH030RA (Side)
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