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Heading Indicator (Air Driven)

, GD031/GD031R

As one of the earliest to roll out flight instruments to the market in China, Baocheng has been proudly manufacturing quality heading indicator for years. The heading indicator, often shortened to HI, actually goes by many names such as gyrocompass, direction indicator, directional gyro, and more.

  • GD031 (face)
  • GD031 (side)

Despite that it's been called a lot of names, this gyro instrument in its most basic form comes with an easy-to-read dial with a symbolic plane on the instrument glass to facilitate pilots reading the direction the plane is heading. The use of heading reference system allows the reference mark to align with the true direction the plane is traveling. Additionally, the air driven heading indicator is available with a locking feature to ensure maximum reliability in navigation.

Features and Advantages
1. More than 30 years of continuous improvement enables us to build a heading indicator that meets TSO-C5d standards using military-grade materials and processes.
2. An easy, seamless fit into cockpit instrument panel
3. Excellent quality at a low price makes this flight instrument an ideal choice for small civilian airplanes.
4. Each heading indicator is provided with 2-year quality warranty.
5. The cute aircraft symbol on the instrument glass can be printed red or white according to your personal liking.

Parts Double gears, bezel, dial, gyro rotor
Main material Aircraft grade aluminum
Dimensions 84×84× 177mm
Weight 1000g
Accessories 4 screws to facilitate installation

Working Conditions
1. Environmental temperature: -20~55℃
2. Relative humidity: no more than 85%
3. Flying height: 7600m
4. Working pressure: 15~18kPa
5. Vibration resistance: maximum of 1.5g
6. Installation: held level

Performance Index
1. Startup time: no more than 5 minutes
2. Startup pressure: no more than 7kPa
3. Gyro error due to drift: no more than ±4°
4. Heading stability: no more than ±2°
5. Locking feature: flexible, reliable

We can print the symbolic aircraft orange upon request.

  • GD031R(face)
  • GD031R(side)
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