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Vertical Card Compass

, MC022/MC022S

Vertical card compass MC022S is designed solely for use on small civilian airplanes to accurately measure and show magnetic bearings. After more than 30 years of continuous research and improvement, we now can be sure of the quality and reliability of our aviation compass we've made.

Made of aircraft grade aluminum, the MC022S vertical card compass weighs only 215g but is very sturdy in 60.2×76×50mm dimension. The compass is fixed with screws and held vertically upright. Compass panel mount facilitates installation and saves space in your flight instrument panel.

The symbolic aircraft on the instrument glass represents the lubber line for reading the heading of the airplane from the compass card. Lights are added to the compass for assisting navigation at night or in poor light.

Built to TSO-C7d standards using military grade materials and processes, the vertical card magnetic compass ensures accuracy in navigation.

Baocheng gets in on the oversea factory-direct sales service for more than 30 years. We deliver peace of mind to aviation compass customers.

Each vertical card magnetic compass carries with it a 1.5-year quality guarantee.  Major parts of the panel mount compass include the permanent magnet, bevel gears (with axes at right angles), bearing, shaft, dial, damping disk, back case, and the housing.

1 panel mount with 4 screws

Working Conditions
1. Environmental temperature: -30~50℃
2. Relative humidity: no more than 85%
3. Installation: vertically upright

Performance Index
1. Combined errors of graduation: no more than ±4°
2. Compass error (if local declination is 10 degrees): no more than 4.5°
3. Friction error: no more than 1°
4. Oscillation time: no more than 5 seconds
5. Deviation compensation (of 10°~40°): compass error no more than ±2°

The MC002S vertical card compass looks and operates the same way as MC0222, with the only difference being that the former comes with panel mount.

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