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Aircraft Magnetic Compass

    1. Aircraft Magnetic Compass, CM-46LBaocheng is a specialized manufacturer of aircraft compass. We are so proud to tell our dear customers that the famous LE500 light utility aircraft is constructed using our CM-46L aircraft magnetic compass.

Baocheng has a combined 60 plus years of experience in the manufacture of aircraft magnetic compass. From day one, we have been committed to providing flight instruments and related services. Our partnership with international civilian and light-sport aircraft companies is very fruitful and has lasted more than 30 years.

Because we use military standard materials, parts, and processes to produce your aircraft compass, we can make sure our job is done right. The aircraft magnetic compass is an essential navigation instrument for safe flight. Give us a call when your goal is to ensure maximum safety and accuracy in navigation.

  • LE500 Light Utility Aircraft
  • Cockpit instruments

Baocheng offers liquid compasses in a variety of models.
1. Different dial sizes for choice
2. Lights are available upon request to assist aircraft navigation at night or in poor light. Operate at either 12v or 24v voltage.
3. Because of magnetic dip, the compass shows a false turn towards the north if in the northern hemisphere, or a false turn towards the south in the southern hemisphere. Tell us your specific area of flight, whether it is in northern or southern hemisphere, we can customize your compass to take that error of turn into consideration.