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Aircraft Magnetic Compass

, CM-13S/CM-13LS(12V)/CM-13LS(24V)
  • Magnetic compass, CM-13LS(12V)
  • Magnetic compass, CM-13S
  • Face of magnetic compass CM-13
Aircraft Magnetic Compass
Model Weight Dimensions Lighting Voltage
CM-13S 265g 60.2 × 60.2 × 72mm -
CM-13LS ( 12V ) 275g 60.2 × 60.2 × 79mm 12V
CM-13LS( 24V ) 275g 60.2 × 60.2 × 79mm 24V

Features and Advantages
1. Pictured on this page is the aircraft magnetic compass designed solely for use in the Southern Hemisphere.
2. The aircraft compass product measures and shows accurate magnetic bearing. Made of aircraft grade aluminum, this liquid-filled compass is lightweight but sturdy.
3. Reliable performance is the result of over 30 years of continuous effort in product research, development and improvement.
4. An easy, neat fit into the cockpit instrument panel
5. Liquid compass is easy to operate, and allows clear reading of geomagnetic direction.
6. Low costs and high price performance ratio make this magnetic compass a top choice for civilian airplanes.
7. Baocheng aircraft compass is built to TSO-C7d standards, using military grade materials and processes.
8. With integrated after-sales service, plus 1.5 year quality guarantee, customers can rest assured knowing we can take care of everything when it comes to supplying reliable and affordable flight instruments.
9. Lights operating at either 12v or 24v can be added to the compass upon request.

Compass Anatomy
Dial assembly, housing, magnet, deviation correction features

4 bolts and 4 nuts, 1 transparency film, 1 compass deviation table

Working Conditions
1. Environmental temperature: -30~50℃
2. Relative humidity: no more than 85%
3. Installation: Keep the compass level

Performance Index
1. Combined errors of graduation: no more than ±2°
2. Compass error (if local declination is 10 degrees): no more than 4.5°
3. Friction error: no more than 1°
4. Oscillation time: no more than 5 seconds
5. Deviation compensation (of 10°~40°): compass error no more than ±2.5°

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