Quality Aircraft Instruments and Aircraft Equipment for Civil and Military Applications

If you are a light aircraft manufacturer, flying club owner, or an international flight instrument agent, Baocheng offers something of value to you. We are one of the earliest aircraft instrument manufacturers in China, key player in Chinese military airplane industry, and expert in aircraft instruments with nearly 30 years of experience. Built to military-grade standards, Baocheng liquid magnetic compass, directional indicator, turn coordinator and other gyro isntruments deliver the best in accuracy, reliability and durability. We take great pride in being able to say that our aircraft dashboard instruments take up 60% of non-TSO-approved market share. At Baocheng, you can purchase with confidence.

Main Products
    1. Aircraft Magnetic Compass, CM-13/CM-13L(12V)/CM-13L(24V)

      Built to TSO-C7d standards, the aircraft magnetic compass is constructed using military grade materials and processes to ensure reliable quality.
      An easy, seamless fit in the cockpit instrument panel.

    1. Aircraft Magnetic Compass, CM-24/CM-24L(12V)/CM-24L(24V)

      Compass panel mount saves room in the cockpit instrument panel and makes installation easy peasy.
      Liquid magnetic compass is easy to operate and allows clear reading of magnetic bearing in navigation.

    1. Vertical Card Compass

      The symbolic aircraft on the instrument glass represents the lubber line for reading the heading of the airplane from the compass card. Lights are added to the compass for assisting navigation at night or in poor light.

    1. Heading Indicator (Air Driven)

      Despite that it’s been called a lot of names, this gyro instrument in its most basic form comes with an easy-to-read dial with a symbolic plane on the instrument glass to facilitate pilots reading the direction the plane is heading.

    1. Attitude Indicator (Air Driven)

      To many pilots, an attitude indicator ranks high on the list of essential flight instruments. This gyro instrument is called a lot of names, including gyro horizon, artificial horizon and more.

    1. Heading Indicator, GD023 / GD023C / GD023R / GD023RC

      Constructed in line with TSO-C5d standards, the electrically driven heading indicator comes with a 2-year quality warranty, suitable for use on small civilian airplanes and other utility aircrafts.

    1. Attitude Indicator, GH025 / GH025C / GH025Y / GH025YC

      There are essentially two purposes the attitude indicator can serve, measuring the fore and aft tilt as well as side-to-side tilt of an airplane. With startup time no more than 3 minutes, the gyro horizon delivers excellent performance.

    1. Turn Coordinator

      Turn coordinator BZW-4B is typically used to measure the amount the sideslip when a plane makes an in-flight turn. This allows pilots to control the plane’s movement around the pitch, roll and yaw axes.

    1. Turn and Slip Indicator

      This turn indicator is lightweight of no more than 36g, takes up very small space in the aircraft dashboard, and is very easy to operate.
      Military-grade materials and processes ensure reliable quality.